Words for October 2017


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  This is the description that will be shared by those who visit and reside in the Holy City.  Special recognition is coming to this place once again.  It is because of the bride and her preparation.  She is adorned and being escorted by her Father.  Every where she goes, she will draw all men to the groom- Christ Jesus.  It will be so beautiful and so natural.  More and more will begin to step out in the beauty of their design and proclaim the goodness of the Lord.  It will be received in love, demonstrated in love, expressed in love, felt in love.  No mistaking about it- the Kingdom is not just advancing, but embracing the city with arms of love.  Transformation and multiplication will be the result of that love.

North Palm

Do not allow the Giants that rise up against the advancement of your promise to get in your way of having what God says is yours.  This is the time for your second wind.  Open up your sails and get ready to pass through to the other side.  The next 6 months will be filled with amazing testimonies of God’s faithfulness to His promises made to you.  This is a season of new beginnings, law and order.  Build, buy, invest.  Go back and send in that application and resume again.  Retake that test.  Go back and ask one more time.  This is your season for favor.  No more delay or denial.  No rejection.  You are of value and worth.  The community now sees that and will respond accordingly as you walk in the reality of who you are.

There will be an increase in dreams and angelic visitations over the next 3 months.  Not just appearances in the clouds, but down to earth encounters.  They will engage in conversation giving strategy, revelation, and thought provoking and heart assuring insight. They will be present one minute and gone the next.  They will take on the bodily form of both genders.  Some will be entertained unaware by believers who in turn will be blessed because of their generosity.

Angela Henderson

It’s a good time to be you!!

Angela Henderson, Founder - Uplift Ministries, Charleston, SC