Words for June 2017



June is the month of Marriage and Well-being.  Because Charleston is the number two wedding designation in the world she will be infiltrated with influential guests this season.  These influential people will bring further recognition to the Holy City as they become enamored by her hospitality, beauty and history.  More attention will be drawn to her as they make permanent arrangements to call her “home”.

We will also see an increase in the health and wellness business here in the Holy City.  This market will create great income for small businesses.  Videos and exercise routines will be created in this area.  Our bridge will become the focal point of some of these fitness videos.  Once again, the attention will be on the Holy City.

North Palm

North Palm

We will see celebrities and governing officials drawn to this place as they begin to hear about the transformation she is bringing to the city.  They will hear of the leadership that is being formed and see with their own eyes the following of that leadership throughout the city.  They will see the solution to the many problems that they face and that are continually brought to their attention.  They will seek council, guidance and advice.  They will even open the doors for what we have to offer- Jesus Christ.  This is not the time to step back and be silent.  This is the time to speak out and be heard.

It’s a good time to be you!

Angela Henderson

It’s a good time to be you!!

Angela Henderson, Founder - Uplift Ministries, Charleston, SC