Words for 2018

March 2018

The Time for Open Doors and Opportunities:

Recently, Keith and I closed on a 30 year dream that God had told us He would give us. What I mean by closed is on March 16 we were sitting in a local attorney’s office closing on our first beach home located on Edisto Beach, SC. We still must pinch ourselves to make sure we are not asleep. This reality has truly left us awestruck.
January of this year was a year ago that we set out on a journey to beach house living. The Lord spoke to us and said, “What are you doing to position yourself for this promise?” I replied, “We are waiting on You, Lord.” He responded, “No you are not. What are you doing?” We teased our adult children who remained in our family home. We told them, “You are not interested in leaving home anytime soon, so we are.” After selling the family home to our son, Lance (furniture and all), we pulled off in a fifth wheel RV and settled in a local campsite. We have a three years plan in sight. Our first year was to become debt free. Check. The next two years were assigned for personal investments to increase our wealth as we ventured toward Sullivan’s Island.
June of last year, the Lord showed us the house on Sullivan’s that would be our destiny. This amazing place would be a refreshing oasis for many to come on a personal journey and discover the treasures within themselves. However, that house was way out of our personal price range. As we know, especially during this Easter Season for it reminds us, any price that needs to be paid for God’s will in our lives has already been paid. What we do is just get in alignment with that will. That may require some personal sacrifice on our part- ok- well, complete personal sacrifice on our part. However, price wise- we could never pay- and do not have to- it is already covered by His precious blood- a seal guaranteed- just waiting for us to arrive at that place.
Unbeknownst to us, at the same time He showed us the house we are destined for, He directed others to place their ocean view Edisto beach home on the market. For nine months (to finish and accomplish) that house was on the market. When we found it eight months into its listing (new beginning, covenant, wealth in business), the owners had just dropped the asking price by $30,000. What God spoke to us was that He was increasing our wealth by way of our hearts’ desire (for we two are one) and that this investment would not only pay for itself, it would pave the way for future investments. During its purchase there were times that we struggled with a poverty mentality of, “Can we truly afford this? What if this happens or that happens?” and so on and so on. God challenged us by requiring that if we wanted to be wealthy we would have to think like the wealthy. With that inspiration, that is just what we did. To our amazement, the transaction flowed ever so smoothly. From the day we saw the house to the day we closed on it was 25 total! When God moves, He moves quickly.
Just this week we received contact from a familiar tv program, HGTV’s: Beach House Bargains/ Beach House Bargain Renovations. They researched our area and saw where we had just recently made our beach house purchase. They have offered us a contract for videoing a series for their new upcoming season. What an amazing opportunity! Not only did God supply the investment, but also the means in which to renovate and get it ready for its many uses. And we will have fun in the process!
This is the God we serve! He already has our paths mapped out. He already knows the connections that are to be made that will get us from point A to point B. We just have to be listening and obedient despite our personal knowledge.
This is the season for the blessings. April means- Open Doors. It also represents a time of separation and productive on the earth. As we set ourselves aside to pursue God’s will and give in to His pursuit of us, we will truly become productive on this earth. We will see the doors open to our dreams for they are “God Implementations” to begin with. He wants you to live them to advance His Kingdom on the earth. You will be a witness of this in your personal life as you come into that alignment with His unique design for you. I hear Him saying to His Bride, “Do not doubt Me. I am going to astonish you. Many surprises are on the way. Offers you will not be able to refuse will be presented to you. Long awaited announcements will suddenly be shouted from the Mountains (all 7) and Family will be highlighted as barren women conceive. All of this will be for My glory!”

It is not happenstance that we celebrate Easter on the 1st day of April this year. The number one means “having singleness of mind; having the same mind of Christ”. If we desire to walk in His power, we must be willing to make the personal sacrifice to die to our selfish nature and arise in His. Let that be the intent of your heart. Get into alignment. “Those who are in position, stages are being set for you to be displayed for the glory of My splendor,” says the Lord, the Hope of Glory. “Arise and shine for My glory has risen upon you. You will be known by many throughout the world as My sons and daughters, loved and unashamed. You will love beyond measure. You are truly blessed and favored. In this season, that will be made visibly clear to you and all around you. Just as you have hungered for Me, I have hungered for this moment in time when My glory will be known to you through the reality of your hearts’ desires. You have made yourselves ready and now see what I am about to do. It is happening- NOW. Doors and opportunities are OPENED. WALK THROUGH and do not look back. Even the strongman that once boasted over this region has been dispelled. Go and plunder, take it hold of what is yours without hinderance and delay.”
May you receive this in Jesus’ Name. Continue to follow the path to your destiny with peace and assurance. There is no turning back. Seize this OPPORTUNITY. THE DOORS ARE OPENED TO YOU! Remember, it’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,

Angela Henderson

It’s a good time to be you!!

Angela Henderson, Founder - Uplift Ministries, Charleston, SC