Words for December 2017


An invasion is taking place. Be on alert! The Kingdom is advancing and taking over by force. Every mountain will proclaim that our God reigns. The earth will declare the glory of the LORD. The city is getting ready to encounter Jesus like never before. This goes beyond religion. It is not about those who find their identity in position, but about those who know their identity and are positioned. The atmosphere is conducive for the glory to reign. Jesus has truly entered the city to meet His bride. Together they will establish the mindset of the Kingdom through love and kindness. The city will be noted for its unity and love. Transformation will be the topic of conversation in every place.

North Palm

Doors are opening for your gifts. The impossible is being made possible. You will end this year on a high note and begin 2018 at that same level and continue to rise. The standard of excellence is being established through you everywhere you go. This excellence is in service to others- respect, generosity, and hospitality. Kings will support your mission and vision. Everything that is needed has already been made ready. Paths are beginning to cross. Important introductions are being made. Some introductions have already been made and you will soon witness it all coming together. People will be amazed at your connections! This is no longer a dress rehearsal. North Palm your on! It’s your turn! It’s your time! It’s a good time to be you!

Angela Henderson

It’s a good time to be you!!

Angela Henderson, Founder - Uplift Ministries, Charleston, SC