Words for August 2017

Solar Eclipse – Cindy Mellard August 14, 2017

As the eclipse passes over Charleston, God is giving us a glimpse of how He is going to work in this season. There will be many efforts to block His light from going out in our region. However, efforts to block the Source of our life are fleeting. Those efforts cannot extinguish Him. We can be confident that the strategies He gives us to win this region will succeed. Even the length of totality speaks to this truth. The sun will be completely masked for 1 minute, 40 seconds. As we conquer our mountains there will be trials and testings (40), yet we will remain singly focused on Christ, having His mind (1). Since the plans are directly from Him, they will be accomplished.

During totality the sun is blocked out. However, it’s atmosphere is visible. Everywhere that we go, we represent God. When darkness attempts to pervade around us, we are responsible to create a Kingdom atmosphere. In this way the Light continues to bring change.

As the sun “disappears” the temperature drops more rapidly than normal, causing air movement resulting in wind. The wind is representative of the Holy Spirit. He is sweeping across Charleston, convicting of sin, guiding to truth, and glorifying Christ. The Charleston area will be completely transformed by this Holy Spirit work.

An eclipse is a syzygy – one astronomical object lined up with another. This word is derived from a Greek word meaning “yoked together.” Charleston is being yoked together with the other cities in the path of totality. Each of these cities has a key role in ushering in the nationwide revival. Doors will open and the Church of Charleston will be given opportunities to connect with the Church in key cities along this path.


You are a wise city- one that is being positioned on a hill.  Your example will be displayed for the nation to see.  You have been engaged in many training opportunities that have prepared you for the moments that are at hand.  World events will bring many people to this region.  This will be a land flourishing during a time of unexpected drought.  Though in your younger years you may have been brutal in your tactics and ways to prosperity you have now grown and matured.  You are ready for the abundance that is being given to you and the grace and mercy that will flow out of you. You will be a storehouse of plenty during a season of lack.  The Glory of the Lord will shine on you and wise men will seek you.  A star will be positioned in the heavens to draw people to this region.  They will follow that star and find what they have been searching for.  Charleston- free man- will bring true life and liberty to our nation and the Kingdom of God will rule and reign over all the earth.


North Palm:

You are that Star that will draw men to this region.  Do not get distracted by the response of others nor fear what God is about to do in the times that are ahead.  You are prepared for this time.  Your confidence and trust must remain in Him and the work that He has faithfully done in you.  Stay focused on the assignment He has given you.  Endure the process to get there and do not give up.  All that you have need of, the King will provide.  He has granted you safe passage to go where you need to go and do what you need to do.  No one will harm you nor stand in your way.  They will ask of you, “How may we help.”  They will present you with offerings, treasures, tools, equipment, time, and talents.  They will see your mission and be drawn to help you successfully complete it.  Though the skies may turn dark for a short season, do not get distracted.  Keep going about your Father’s business.  See what He is doing.  Like a tiger, your sense of sight is greatly enhanced in the darkness.  You will be able to see what others cannot see. You will always be way ahead of the storm. You will be focused and steady.  You will be able to do what what others cannot do. Like the tiger you will dive in and swim while others are just standing there afraid to jump in.    Your greatest days are ahead.  It’s a good time to be you.

Angela Henderson

It’s a good time to be you!!

Angela Henderson, Founder - Uplift Ministries, Charleston, SC