About Us

Uplift is the prophetic office of the North Palm Community Church. It not only serves as a local prophetic team, but as an Apostolic Team through North Charleston Apostolic Center. The mission of Uplift is to empower, instruct, and impact lives through personal, corporate, and leadership prophetic journeys. We search for the gold and call it forth in people, communities and regions. Then, we help design strategy and encouragingly equip individuals as they build upon their strengths while trusting God with their weakness. We teach how to hear from God and embark on the path that leads to life’s most amazing adventure- Destiny and Purpose.
Our teaching methods are creative and interactive. We encourage expression and participation as together we learn and grow.

Citizens of 2 Worlds:
Our vision is to be expert builders of the Kingdom of God through exhortation and encouragement while sustaining its foundation through our own personal and spiritual growth and development.

Our mission is to effectively and productively live as citizens of two worlds by invading the Mountains of Societal influence with our talents and skills as we operate in our spiritual gifts and anointings to bring transformation as we serve our society and advance the Kingdom.

Our Values:
Personal and spiritual growth and development
Christlike Character
Spiritual authority
Servant Leadership
Respect for all
The treasure that is in mankind
Service with excellence

Apostolic Covering: We have had the pleasure of working with Uplift Ministries for about 10 years now.  In this time of the new wineskin, we must influence society and show the love of God.  Many times ministries have either tried to do the works of God without the love of God or stay in the walls of the church and never take the love or the works outside where it is desperately needed.  Uplift Ministries is a breath of fresh air and does both: love and work both inside and outside the church.  What we have experienced is a true and genuine demonstration of the plan of God for our time through the ministry of Uplift Ministries!