Awakening to Our Awareness as Citizens of Heaven

  “But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that  enables him even to subject all things to himself”    Philippians 3:20-21 ESV

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been on a conquest trying to put into words to describe what God has been doing in my life. He’s been taking me through a season of walking in the unknown without getting entangled with the lies of the enemy. Recently I woke up one day with spider bites on my body. Thankfully, they were not poisonous bites, but they were swollen on my  body for quite sometime. Following that for a whole week I had multiple encounters with spiders. At night I was walking around the church campus locking the doors and checking the doors are locked and I ran into a spider web. The next day I was pulling up weeds in the garden, and I stick my hand to pull up a weed around a plant and there is a spider web. So, I started to see a pattern and I asked the Lord what are you trying to show me. Clearly this is not a coincidence so I asked the Lord “What are you trying to show me through my encounters with these spiders?” He said, “It’s to remind you not to get entangled with the lies of the enemy”. Be alert, do not allow the lies that you have been believing to entangle you to the point where you have allowed hopelessness and unbelief to doubt the greatness and the power of our God. He is faithful, and true. He always fulfills his promises and his word.

Stephanie Vickers

I feel that April is going to represent a month of encountering an aspect of Gods personality, his mercy. The bride is currently feeling the pressure of questioning if she is truly making herself ready? If she is truly where she is supposed to be. The month of April is going to be a month of encountering God’s great mercy. I believe that he’s speaking to us and bringing to our attention what we have been living for and is delaying our preparation of making ourselves ready. He’s giving us a very short do over and to quickly catch up and to make adjustments to steward our lives for eternity. I listened to this podcast this week while I was away by John Bevere on the message stewarding our lives for eternity and one of the things that impacted me about that message. You can locate the clip below at 33:20.

This coming month is going to be a great time to make the wrong things right and I believe this is another form of the Glory presence of God manifesting in our lives because we are making room for him. We are removing everything that is hindering our attention and connection to experience the Glory Presence. We want the Glory Presence to have the ability to hear clearly his directions/instructions to ensure that we are walking in the fullness of our assignment. He’s going to show us if we are not and if we are not if we are willing to seek him he will get us back on track. April is going to be a glorious experience of Gods great mercy and his dedication to our process to make us ready for His Son. His son deserve the most beautiful bride and we are approaching a time where the spirit if putting us in notice get it together quickly!

I declare in the office of the prophet currently on the mountain in the marketplace that I will walk in obedience and steward the anointing of prophesy to speak life and to manifest the glory of God by speaking things that are not there as if they were and it will be done and that the body of Christ will do the same as each walks in their individual assignment and according to their office.


One of the sons of God that creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God

Stephanie V


March 2017

I had 2 encounters in the middle of the night this week where I heard the Holy Spirit telling me audibly to meet him at the water fountain. On the second night I left my bed and moved to the couch and I was sitting there and I closed my eyes and I saw a water fountain and the Holy Spirit told me to drink and not to stop drinking until he tells me to stop. As I was drinking I was hearing the Holy Spirit remind me of his source as my fountain, and he was refreshing my memory of the promises and his thoughts towards me. What I got out of that encounter was a reminder that the Holy Spirit is our fountain of encounters with the father. He calls us to keep coming back to him. This is a very simple concept but we get caught up and we forget. I decree that encounters would increase not just for the elite but for all who is hungry to see the king. I decree increase of angelic visitation.


January 2017

In the month of December I was interceding on the watches of the night meditating on the events that occurred in my city, in my nation and in my life in 2016. It was a year of preparation to walk in 2017 from victory to victory. It was a time to rest and trust in the Lord through works that I was understanding his thought process and what he was doing behind the scenes. It was a year of opportunities to grow and to make the wrong things right.

The question is what does our victory look like? Our individual victory will look different but corporately as the body of Christ it will be the same. One of the rewards that the Lord is giving us in 2017 because we have prepared our selves in the past seasons is an awakening of our identity as Citizens of Heaven. Ever since the transfer of power to our new president we have seen an increase of Americans exercising their rights and becoming students of their constitutional rights. We have seen Americans activating their rights as United States Citizens.

The time is now for the Bride of Christ to activate as Citizens of Heaven. As Citizens of Heaven we must know our heavenly constitutional rights as Citizens of Heaven. If we know the word then we will know our rights and how to activate our rights. I have not been able to get away from Ephesians 1:17-19. For over a year this word would come up and be brought to my attention. I memorized it, know it, but the Lord said to me, if you understand Ephesians 1:17-19 then you will know how to walk as a citizen of heaven because this passage is your legal right. It is your right to know the knowledge of God, it is your right to have access to him. It confirms our identity. This is the year that we are to be awakened to the identity of our authority, our power, and our rights as citizens of heaven.