Personal Prophetic Journeys 2019

A 4 week uniquely customized journey with only you in mind.  

During this intense personal adventure, you will follow a Biblical based growth plan developed specifically for you by your own prophetic mentor.  Together you and your mentor will  engage in a discovery excursion three times during your journey .  For more information, please contact us.  We look forward to making your reservation for our next adventure.

Personal Investment of:  $250.00 (Includes materials, excursions, and two coaching sessions with Angela Henderson)

Dates for 2019

February 2- March 9

May 4- June 1

August 17-September 14

November 9- December 7

Please contact us to schedule your reservation at


Cherith 2019- Hearing God

A one day workshop designed to train your spiritual ears to hear God.

Nature is always resounding His voice.  Make time to take time for this life changing adventure that will transform the way you listen to voice of the Spirit.  Hear what He has to say to you everyday!

Date:  Saturday April 20, 2019

Time:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location:  Charles Towne Landing

Personal Investment:  $40

Registration contact:

Kids Cherith – 2019

Date: Saturday October 26, 2019

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Charles Towne Landing

Personal Investment:  $35 (includes a ticket for one child and one adult)

Registration Contact: or



Thank you so much for that amazing opportunity.

I have never been to Charleston landing and it was an amazing experience right in my own backyard (as I’m always talking about going out of town with friends to experience something new and do what we haven’t done before). I learned a lot about my journey in life and how easily I can miss the little details of what God is doing. The journey is so precious, beautiful, and not to be forgotten, nor regretted after He works it out, because still I’m further than before, and know more than before; it’s still a good time in Him, is what I learned. Helps me to stop looking around and comparing. I saw the importance of my journey, in terms of where I have been and where I am going, as being important to Him and because it matters to Him, it makes it important and enjoyable to me. It’s like it’s worth it. I’m noticing He’s with me and I don’t always have to hear an audible voice but just look how things that probably shouldn’t work out do for me.

I really appreciate you and the team for giving me that extra push to get out of bed on a Saturday (haha). Instead of sleeping in I experienced a place I had never been with so much wildlife, with amazing people, and hearing His voice. This was a great experience.”

Kid’s Cherith

“We had a wonderful time! We enjoyed everything about the workshop specially hearing from God! :)”

God Bless & Thanks!

Personal Prophetic Journeys

The personal prophetic journey experience was very rewarding. It gave me time to spend with God and listen to what He was saying. It caused me to really focus on God in me. Also it opened my eyes to how much I trust God (which I need to work on more). I feel this experience has caused me to grow and I gained experiences that will help me to continue to want to grow. My mentor was excellent. She used object lessons to teach me a spiritual truth about me on our excursions. Phenomenal!


Wonderful experience in showing me that God has a plan for my life and has in fact been directing me in the way he wants me to go. Also I learned to be in communication with God so I can see the signs he gives me along the way. Thank you!


I didn’t know what to expect on this journey, but I’m glad that I didn’t have any preconceptions. I was able to allow God to move so greatly through my mentors and the plan they had for me. My plan was spot on and it helped me identify the  things that were  hindering me in life as well as highlighted things that are dear to my heart. I am more aware of who I am and why God chose me to be here on this earth.  It also helped me realize why I am the way that God made me. I was able to get an even more better glimpse of the true me during this journey. I believe that this journey has truly prepared me for my next journey in life.  I feel like I truly am transforming in this season and this journey was just a great tool that God used to catapult me into greater things! Overall I am so glad that I decided to do this journey, and I would recommend it for anyone who is interested


Cindy really challenged me to pull all my focus on me- which as a mom, RN, wife, minister, so many friends, and family members with needs- was very difficult for me to do. God had been telling me to stop and reassess and realign myself for what He is doing in me. This journey helped me do just that.


Hi my name is Donia. I am 13 years old. What this journey taught me was that I had to let God take control of my life or else things won’t go the way God intended for it to be. And that I don’t need to be accepted by society and that only God’s opinion matters not anyone else’s. Also that there is going to be a season when I’m going to have to walk from under my mother’s umbrella of protection and I have to stand on my own against the troubles of this world. But I will know that God is with me. He will help me along my journey in life.


“My journey was one of the best experiences of my life. While I was discovering the treasures inside of myself, I was also discovering more about the one who placed them there, God. It just amazed me how God is so intentional in the way he created us and how that plays a part in the dreams he has given us. I would recommend this journey to anyone. It has truly impacted my life and the journey is still continuing even after the 4 weeks.”

This journey really blessed me. The Lord revealed somethings to me that I thought I’d let go. This journey revealed me to me.


I went on North Palm’s Prophetic Journey adventure after a few of my friends did their own journeys and greatly received from them. The timing of my journey was right in sync with the Lord’s positioning me for a new season, and I received revelation during my journey that helped me prepare for that new season. My mentor on the journey blessed me with some “God thoughts” she received from the Lord for me, and my [nighttime] dreaming increased during the journey; I had one dream that simultaneously provided freedom from a past issue WHILE showing me a glimpse of an upcoming fresh season. I would describe the Prophetic Journey as an intentional, set-apart four weeks with the Lord, during which time you can expect to encounter Him in powerful ways.


Dear Mrs. Angela,

I’m so sorry I’m so late with this. I just remembered.

The Personal Prophetic Journey was a very rewarding experience. One of the best things about going on The Journey with Mrs. Angela was how she had such a gift for interpreting different symbols and numbers. There was a lot that I was pleasantly surprised to recognize about myself through her immense knowledge of these things. I also love how she always says, “It’s a good time to be you.” It may seem like a small thing but many people, including myself, need that encouragement, and she says this every time we see each other or otherwise contact each other. It helps me to remember that no matter the number of ruts that may be part of my story, my Father has a good purpose for me that is uniquely my own, and I should always be glad to be who He made me to be. Thank you Mrs. Angela for continuously encouraging me and empowering me to take all the steps I need to take to truly be who I am through the Lord God, our father.



Going into this prophetic journey, I was new to having my prophetic gifts taken seriously by a body of believers and was eager for Jesus to clarify my role in the Kingdom.  And, boy, did He!  “Wow” doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I am simply stunned and humbled to be deemed worthy by Him to receive this knowledge and anointing.  The highlight of my journey was actually in keeping with Angela’s pre-Easter message about “not living our purpose is not an option.”  Had He passively let me walk away from another treasure hunt assignment, like He has so many times before, this would not be a highlight.  It was the Saturday before Easter and I had some time-sensitive things lined up for the evening, after my meeting with my prophetic mentor, so, being new to prophetic appointments directly from God, I was very reticent to oblige.  But Jesus was not going to let it go—and even called me Jonah (which actually was one of the previous books on my reading list).  He was in pursuit.  He was so passionate that I align with Him and succeed at His test that it seemed like anger (though, I know that God is slow to anger, so I quickly ruled that out).  Jesus’ tone was that of fervent support, like a parent at their child’s sporting event.  And this passion was what made all the difference in my obedience.  It was compelling.  I couldn’t bear to hurt His feelings with my lack of trust.  His intensity alone spoke volumes to me:  my anointing as a Kingdom messenger is no game to Him—it’s precious.  I was meant to be a prophet.  Not living my purpose is not an option.  “Please,” He implied, “don’t be a Jonah.”- Michele

My journey helped me to find myself.  God showed me how to be more conf indent in myself and to not settle because I am His daughter.  He revealed a lot to me concerning some negative things that I believed.  Now, I can grow closer to Him and to my destiny.  This journey will keep going for me!


This journey brought me to a deeper relationship with God.  It confirmed to me that God loves me and He called me to do His will.  He desires to reach out to others to share what He is about.


I was just amazed to spend time with God and let Him change me and show me I am in Him.  I now am confident in knowing that God loves me and I can do all things through him.  I am free and happy and ready to let His light shine through me!


I think this journey helped me to learn to hear God’s voice more clearly and to feel more comfortable pursuing Him.  It also helped me to get rid of any fear that I had.  I also feel much closer to God.


I found more of an identity in this process. It was great to know that no detail was a mistake, even the small ones.


Amazing experience for whatever stage of life you are in.  God always had more and this is an amazing tool to fin out what that is!


When I began this journey, I was a hot mess. I was lost, I was frustrated, I felt disillusioned and defeated. I had just returned to South Carolina after living in Tennessee on my own in a place where I was stretched and completely out of my comfort zone. Back to the place where I grew up. Where all that I knew had changed. The people I grew up with were living somewhere else and back into the comforts of family.  At 27 years old and as a recovering perfectionist. I thought I would have finances, career, love figured out or at least a foot in the door. But certain habits that I’ve come to realize have held me back, certain thoughts have hindered me from walking into the destiny God has planned for my life. Fear. Rejection. Doubt. The Unknown. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t figure out what the next move was. Why God would bring me back home, worn and in pieces. It was a God divine appointment to be still and listen, to work on my healing and to re-activate my faith.  It was then that God has been showing me that he doesn’t work through perfectionists, the have it all togethers— the pretenders. He breaks them. He works through the broken, the weak, the broken vessels. He refines and beautifies. I’m so grateful for this journey. Through the tears, painful self-reflection, laughter and moments of solitude and affirmations. I am ready to continue this transformation, this work in progress that God is modeling me into. To walk confidently and purposefully into the mission God has placed in my heart.