Student Leadership Development
Student Leadership Development
ARISE Aim. Reach. Inspire. Succeed. Enrich.
ARISE is a leadership journey for students in the Charleston County School District area. In an endeavor to impact the community and participate in the advancement of the Kingdom on the Mountain of Education, the prophets have found favor in intentionally taking the “Journey” into the public high school classrooms in a corporate setting. We have walked through open doors of Leadership Classes, Entrepreneurship Classes, and even “Angry Girl” Military classes. God has no limits, so why should we?In participating in the 5 week adventure, a student will learn about themselves as a unique individual (What was God thinking when He thought of me?) They also learn how to use their unique gifts and skills to enhance the mission of a team. They learn to tap into their inner leader and become inspired and bold to not only step up and stand out.Uplift is so honored to have this open door opportunity into our public school system. We have had 100% success from those who have participated on the journey in knowing themselves and their Creator more than when they started. Our vision is to invade every high school in our district and declare through our mission, “The Kingdom of God is Here!”

Arise Testimonials

In 2018 Uplift was honored to bring the ARISE program into two local schools.

We ask the attendees to complete a survey for us at the end of the program. This year we received a 100% excellent rating from all of our student’s. We were encouraged with the time each one took to respond on a personal level.

Below are a few of the response’s we received.

What did you like best about your experience:

“Teaching me about myself and how to better myself”

“I like how this has changed me and made me into a better person.”

“It has made me into a more understanding person to address situations differently.”

“How inspiring it was to be here. I feel more confident about myself.”

“Showing and allowing me to be the best me I can be. I really appreciate them for that.”

“Personalized to each student. Especially the colors and the names.”